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Wedding Programs

Wedding ceremony programs are truly thoughtful components of wedding stationary. The wedding programs are beautiful wedding keepsakes that will be help your guests identify the members of the extended wedding party and follow the ceremony more easily.

Guests will especially appreciate the wedding programs if your wedding style includes more than one culture or faith. Programs for the wedding will give you a chance to explain important rituals. Wedding programs will also be an aid to your guests by providing the words to songs or prayers if you want guests to participate.

Your unique wedding programs can be as formal or informal as you wish. If your wedding is formal, the wedding programs should be in keeping with the rest of your wedding. If you have chosen a contemporary theme, the style of the wedding programs can follow through with that wedding theme. For example, seashells printed on a lovely handmade paper would be a wonderful idea for a beach wedding theme.

Possible things to include in the wedding program wording:

  • The place of the wedding ceremony, along with the date and time
  • The order of the wedding service. This should include any music and the names of the musicians.
  • You will want to include the words to readings, prayers or songs if you want your guests to participate.
  • You may want to include a copy of your wedding vows for the guests to follow, especially if they are unusual or original vows.
  • The names of the participants, including the couple, their parents, the wedding party, the person performing the wedding, the organist and other musicians and readers.
  • This is an excellent place to explain wedding customs that are unique to your faith or culture.
  • You could also include a message of thanks and/or a tribute to a deceased friend of relative.
The wedding program gives you an opportunity to say some of the things to your guests that you may not remember to say in the confusion and rush of your wedding day. It is sure to be a beautiful keepsake that will remind your guests of your gratitude and thoughtfulness.

" "Engagement";"

You have just become engaged to be married to the most wonderful man or woman in the world! This news is much too exciting to keep to yourself. It must be shared with friends and family.

As soon as you have told your closest family and friends, you will want everyone to know about this spectacular event that is about to take place. This is usually done with an engagement announcement.

Once upon a time an engagement announcement could easily be made at a party or in the newspaper. That was when almost all of the people we knew lived in our local area. Now, our families, friends and business associates are spread all over the nation, and sometimes even the world. Just about everyone communicates by e-mail.

But an engagement announcement is way too important to be dumped into the daily e-mail. It screams for special attention. An engagement announcement card that reflects your personality and sentiments will get the applause it deserves.

What kind of engagement announcement should you choose?

Are you the type of couple that loves a tradition style? Then an elegant engagement announcement on premium cardstock with traditional wording is what you will probably select.

Are you more casual or even “down home”? The Wedding Printer has just the kind of engagement announcement that will let your friends and family know how important they are to you.

Are you trendy? A custom designed engagement announcement in a wild off-beat color combination may be just the thing for you. Your special interests can be reflected in the design and wording of your engagement announcement that says it came from YOU.

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The Wedding Printer

The Wedding Printer has the wedding products that will fit any style and budget. We know planning a wedding takes time and money. At The Wedding Printer, we carry all the items to create the perfect wedding day at an affordable price.

Additional information about Wedding Programs:

The Wedding Printer Blog

The Wedding Printer Blog

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responsiveFight Hunger Hunger is an issue in America. We care about hunger. The Wedding Printer's customers have provided over 50,000 meals for people in need. We donate a percentage of every purchase to fight hunger. Your purchase can help make a difference. [Read More]