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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information

When will my order ship?

Please visit our Shipping Information for more information.

How does international shipping work?

We currently only ship to addresses in the United States. We will soon offer an International Checkout option which utilizes a freight forwarding service that provides you with a U.S. address. Stay tune for more information.

My order is missing items?

We are sorry this happened.

This usually is the result of a Partial Shipment. We ship from multiple warehouses. Please review the shipping email which included with the tracking code. The email will indicate if the shipment was a complete or partial shipment.

Other times, we mess up. We try to never make mistakes, but occasionaly we still do. Don't worry, we will move mountains and figure out how to resolve the issue. Please Contact Us.

Do you ship to P.O./APO boxes?

Unfortunately we only ship using UPS and they do not ship to P.O./APO boxes. You will need to provide us with a valid home or business address to have your order shipped to.

Real People

Do you have a store so we can see the products?

The Wedding Printer is an online store only. All products are shipped directly to your home/work for your convenience.

How can I contact The Wedding Printer?

On every page we list our phone number and provide a way to contact us. You can also visit our Contact Us page.

My call went to voice mail. Are you a real company?

Yes, at times we will have to send calls to voice mail. We believe in helping each bride when they call. We do not rush the call or treat you rude. Because of this, our calls will take as long as you want. Our record is the bride who asked questions on 42 different products. You can't rush a determined bride.

Leave us a message. Do not worry. We are here. We will respond to your request.

Do you have a catalog?

We only have an online catalog. Every year 53 million trees are cut down to make the paper for printed catalogs. We decided to save the world and not have a printed catalog. In a normal year, we could easily print 150,000 catalogs. By not printing catalogs, we have saved over 30 tons of CO2 gases and over 500 trees per year. We think it is the right thing to do for our planet.

Personalized Products

My personalized tags/stickers tags are not in my order?

Your tags and stickers for personalized orders do not come attached to your items. These will come in a separate envelope in the package for you to assemble yourself.

Will my items come assembled as shown on the website?

Many of the products offered on our website do come ready to give out to your guests. Some items do require some assembly and it will be outlined on the product page if you will need to put the items together.

Order Questions

Can I add/make changes to my existing order after it has been placed?

Please contact us immediately after placing your order. Our goal is to ship items within 24 hours of receiving the order. Once we processes your order, it is in the warehouses for delivery. Once it is in the warehouse for delivery, it is difficult to stop the automate machines. It is always best to call us and let us see what miracles we can do for you.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not been processed, we are able to cancel your order. Once your order has been sent to the warehouses for shipping, we are unable to cancel your order.

I need to order more favors, do I qualify for the same pricing as my original order?

Unfortunately, No. Our discount pricing is based on the savings we achieve for bulk packaging. It costs us the same $$$ to package one item as it costs to package 200 items. We pass the bulk packaging savings on to you. If you order additional products, we have to pick and package a new order.

We do have promotions and special pricing for our repeat customers. We may not be able to provide the same level of dicsount, but we like our customers and our agents have the freedome to help our customers. Give us a Call and let us see what we can do for you.

It seems that part of my order has come damaged. How do I go about getting replacements?

We find this just as annoying as you do. We try to have your order packaged and shipped properly to prevent damages. But sometimes, your package is used as a football by the delivery guys. There cute, but..... In the rare cases that items do come damaged or broken, please contact us within (10) business days of the receipt of delivery of your items and we will do our best to assist you.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

It varies by product. Most of our products do not have a minimum quantity. If our products have a minimum quantity, it will be listed in the Quantity box on our product pages. Most personalized products do have a quantity requirement. This is due to setup time and charges.

How can I get a receipt for my order?

Your order confirmation can easily be printed and used as a receipt. . You may also log into your account and print an invoice from there.

Do you take phone orders?

Yes, we will. If the order includes personalized items, we will require you review the order confirmation email with us on the phone. This is to insure we did not misspell your personalization requests.

I am on a wait list for a product. How long will I wait?

We will send you an email the day we receive the product in our warehouses. We will try to provide you an estimated date when the product will be back in stock. If this timeframe does not work within your event date, please contact us. We have numerous suppliers that might have a similar product that can be subsituted.

Money Questions

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and by Bitcoins. We are not able to accept payments by cash, check, money orders or COD due to internet fraud issues.

Do you have wholesale pricing?

Our normal pricing is at wholesale pricing.

Do you offer special promotions?

We have a variety of special promotions. These are listed on our website. We also have specials and promotions for our existing customers.

Will sales tax be charged to my order?

All orders being shipped to the state of Texas will be charged Texas sales tax. All other orders, sales tax will not be charged.

What currency is represented in your pricing?

Prices that are reflected on our website are in US Dollars.


Do you charge a restocking fee for returned items?

We do not normally charge a restocking fee. The one exception is for items which received free shipping. All fees associated with returns are outlined in our Returns Page.

How do I go about making a return?

We have detail instructions for returning products on our Return Policy. CLICK HERE FOR RETURN POLICY

The Wedding Printer

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